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We provide a privacy policy that shows how we collect, use and disclose a particular piece of information. In the privacy policy, we provide the steps which ensure keeping your data secure. Customers need not worry about their data which is secured with us. As soon as the customers log in to our website, they accept the terms and conditions. This also includes the privacy policy provided by us on our portal.

a) Collection And Information:

There are various ways of collecting data from the website. One way is to garner information that helps us provide customized, meaningful and efficient experiences to our potential customers. The personal information of the clients helps in giving a useful user experience to our clients. This averts clients not to repeat the same information over and over again.

b) Ordering and Registration:

When customers click on our website, they will get to see an online registration form. Every customer needs to fill out the online registration form. If a customer or a purchaser does not register, our website will ask the customer to register at the time of checking out.

Information such as the country name that customizes the laws will apply to you. At the time of the shipment, the personal information of the client will be mentioned. If you come up with a product issue, the personal information of a client can be used.

c) Email Address:

An email address is made with the help of a subscription. It is used to notify buyers about the availability of a certain product. Various new products are posted on our online pharmacy from time to time. Whenever there is a new product available on our website, the customers will be notified through email address.

d) Cookies and Other technologies:

Our website makes use of cookies which help navigate the website in a better way. At the same time, it will help make the website run faster at the same time. Customers will be able to view all pages of our website in a hassle-free manner. Customers will also be able to order their desired products online quickly. While ordering products, customers will not be stuck while using our portal.

e) Log files:

In certain cases, the website identifies the URL which helps open the website. With the help of the IP address, it is done. It verifies the timestamp of a user.

f) Age:

There is a specific age group that can access our portal. Not people from any age group can use our website. It is made mandatory that children have no access to our website. Children are not allowed to access our online pharmacy.

As children try to log in to our website, it will ask their age before saving their personal information. If a client is below 13 years of age, he or she will not be allowed to access our website. Hence, buyers who are above 13 years of age are eligible to use our website. Buy any products from our online pharmacy if you are above 13 years of age.

g) Product Reviews:

In our online pharmacy, customers can avail of an option that is available on the website. In the option, buyers can post their reviews about the products used by them. Other buyers will be able to read the reviews posted by the customers. Buyers or customers can share useful tips without disclosing about themselves.

The tips that buyers share on our website will be further used by other buyers. The reviews of the customers will be helpful for other buyers. The reviews will help other buyers know about the good or bad sides of a specific product.

h) Safe Personal And Transaction Information:

While ordering the products from our website, you share your transaction details. You may be worried about the transaction details you share with us. In such a case, you do not have to worry about your personal or transaction information.

We ascertain that your personal information and transaction information on our website will be safe. Your personal or transaction information will not be shared with a third party. The information and other details you give us remain safe and protected from us.

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