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It may happen that a customer does not wish to buy a product after ordering the product. In such a situation, we have introduced a Refund and Returns policy for them. Some customers may not want to use our product. It can be due to various reasons. A customer may get superior quality medicines at affordable rates from another online pharmacy.

It may happen that our customers may not be satisfied with our services. If that is the case, customers have the right to cancel their ordered products. They can make use of the return and refund policy system.

Customers need to keep in mind that they have to follow certain rules to get their refund. To help you avoid all confusion and doubts, we have mentioned return and refund rules. Customers who wish to cancel their orders from our website should read the guidelines.

How To Claim A Refund and Returns?

Visit our online portal and log in to your account to claim a return and refund. Now, click on the return and refund page. As customers click it, they will be able to see their canceled orders which are now in the timeline of the return and refund.

Customers can go on with the guidelines.  They can be able to confirm the return and refund once they check their refund value. As per the policies of our company, customers have the leverage to cancel their orders. Customers should know that their money is safe with us. They can cancel their orders if they do not find the product useful.

If customers wish to claim a return and refund, they need to implement a rule. Customers need to request the same from our customer helpline number. Before confirming the order, our telephone executive will assess and verify the details.

Rules For Getting A Return And Refund

There are a few guidelines that every customer needs to follow. Let us know the guidelines for return and refund of our company.

a) Provide Valid Bank Account Details:

All customers need to provide valid bank account details to us. Customers need to verify other details as well as the account number. Customers need to keep their accounts active till the refund process is on. Keep in mind that the refund amount will not be credited if a customer’s bank account is dormant. The transfer will get canceled for providing an invalid account number.

b) Do Not Tamper With The Product:

After receiving your medicines at home, you can still cancel your order and ask for a return and refund. Customers cannot ask for a return and refund after seven days have passed. In short, after receiving the medicine package at home, customers cannot ask for a return or refund after seven days. Once the seven days have passed, customers are not eligible to cancel their orders. They will also not be eligible to ask for a return and refund once seven days are passed.

For customers who have asked for a return and refund, make sure not to tamper with the package. Ensure not to open the medicine package or use the medications. Do not break the seal of the lotion or open the sachets of the medicines. If you do so, your return and refund will be canceled. Our representative will visit your place to check the products. You will get a refund only if the products are not used or tampered with.

Claim For A Refund and Returns Within 7 Days Of Delivery:

Customers who request a return and refund should claim it within seven days of delivery. If you find the medicine package torn, claim for a return and refund in seven days. Also, if you find the dates on the medicine strips are expired, claim the refund within seven days. Remember if seven days are crossed, you will not be eligible to claim for the refund and return.

Charges deducted from your Refund Value:

Customers should know which belongs to the non-refundable category. Those charges are local courier charges, shipping charges, and import duties. Customers will also not get charged or paid to the customs department.  After the deduction of the amount, the final adjusted amount will be credited to your bank account.

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