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Before buying medicines from our online pharmacy, it is essential to consult a general physician. It is necessary to talk to your healthcare provider about your health issue in detail. When you seek medical assistance, your medical provider can help you with the best medications. Your doctor can diagnose your health issue and prescribe you the necessary medicine. With effective medicine, you will be able to resolve your health issue.

The images of the products which you see on the website are for reference purposes. The product images may differ from person to person. Every product has a specific price which is mentioned in US dollars. Buyers should keep in mind that the cost of every product may not be the same at all times.

Also, we have the right to refuse custom to any purchaser without giving prior notice to do the same. If a purchaser has purchased the order, our team will make the full refund. The information on each product is extremely generic. Before purchasing our medicines, the buyers must consult with their doctors.

We provide confidentiality to the clients. We safeguard the privacy of the clients. The only information we use is to provide our customers with the suitable information they can have. Every purchaser who purchases medicines from our website should sign up for their account. Every customer’s account should have a name and email address.

The account will have the shipping address that is saved along with the payment mode chosen by a buyer. While signing up, the account needs to be verified. Buyers need to send a confirmation mail to the address provided to them.


We keep our client’s personal information secured with the help of SSL encryption. It safeguards the data which you enter in your field. It will not usually be stored in the database of the website. As a result, it will make sure that the customers will have 100% security. With our latest technological backup, we always keep priorities to avoid any unethical use of your data by any third parties.

Feedback and Comments:

Our customers can view a feedback section on the website. Customers can share their feedback in regards to a specific product. You can write comments on the policies we share. We make sure to respond to every mail promptly.

Shipping orders and Policy:

For each order you place, you have a shipping fee. Depending on the weight of the order you place, the fee will be charged accordingly. As you place orders, it will take 10 days to deliver to the customers’ destinations.


The rates that are mentioned are connected to customs and shipping can change at any time. The costs may fluctuate at times. Hence, it is necessary to check the costs now and then. The orders will be shipped to the PO address, residential address, and so on. Mails that are sent in the military mail may take longer hours due to the long handling process. You can be certain to have a shipment of every order within two days.

Shipping address:

Customers should keep in mind that the orders that are placed the last time will be considered default. You can change the address while checking out. There is an option for the customers which confirm the shipping address.

The address at which the products need to be delivered changes the timeline of the order and the entire order. The medications which are available in our online pharmacy are generic. We do not deal with brand drugs.

Delays because of Custom:

If there is a delay in the order made by your government, we are not responsible for that. It is important to note that the delays that the delivery service of your country makes are beyond our reach. If you do not receive the order within seven days after the delay, a refund will be done from our end.

Customs Charges:

As per the rules and regulations of the government, you may be asked to pay customs charges. We are not concerned about this payment policy. This payment policy will be between the customers and the customs department of a country. We are not liable to pay off any charges of they apply to your package of medicines.

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