Bluechew In The US- Availability And Alternatives Explored

Bluechew pills, Cenforce 200

Have you ever heard of the bluechew pills? Do you ever face problems in achieving strong erections on your own?

In this article, we are going to learn about this blue chew medicine and how it may help in providing a firm erection in males. We will explain in detail whether this bluechew medicine is available in the US and, if not, what other alternatives you can try. We will also explore the dose of this medicine and what safety precautions you must keep in mind when using such a pill.

So let’s begin…

What Is The Bluechew Medicine?

Bluechew pills, Cenforce 100

The Bluechew pill is a type of medicine that may help in causing a strong erection in men who fail to achieve erections on their own. If you are facing problems in achieving an erection it might as well be true that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction disorder.

Hence the use of the Bluechew pills is done to cure ED problems and even help impotent males to enjoy having sex normally after they gain a strong erection.

As the name suggests these pills are blue and the effective method of administering the pills is by chewing hence the name Bluechew. More popularly in the US, this medicine is referred to as Viagra. Hence the Bluechew medicine is a chewable version of Viagra.

Remember that anyone needing to use the Bluechew pills would need to get a recommendation on the use of the pills first after getting diagnosed with ED.

What Is The Effective Use Of Bluechew Pills?

As we mentioned above, the effective use of the Bluechew generic Cenforce pills can be done to eradicate the symptoms of ED and to help impotent males get a strong and hard erection. Although the use of the Bluechew pill does not guarantee any possible permanent cure for penis erection disorder, still patients prefer using it since it can provide almost instantaneous effects.

You will be able to gain a strong and hard erection within minutes of using this pill. And once the effects of these pill come up they can last generally for hours meaning that you can joyfully enjoy having penetrating sex with your partner.

Three Different Types Of Bluechew :

Bluechew pills, Cenforce 150
Bluechew pills, Vidalista 60
Bluechew pills


Brand Name Viagra Cialis Levitra
Chemical Formula C22H30N6O4S C22H19N3O4 C23H32N6O4S
Drug Class PDE-5 inhibitor PDE-5 inhibitor PDE-5 inhibitor
Availability Prescription only Prescription only Prescription only


How Does The Bluechew Pills Work?

The Bluechew pills work by activating its generic ingredient inside your body which is Sildenafil. Once Sildenafil gets into action mode it suppresses the actions of the PDE-5 hormones which would soon be replaced by the cGMP hormones. this hormone also activates nitric oxide within the arteries that enable dilation of the veins and blood vessels and soon rapid blood flow ensues.

This rapid blood flow inside the penis can cause a higher sensitivity inside the penis region and upon stimulation, the person can get a strong and hard erection.

Is Bluechew Medicine Available In The US?

Viagra or Bluechew pills are the most popular or go-to choice for ED patients in the US. it is easily available on showing your prescription in both the local pharmacies and online drug stores. This is because the chewable Viagra brand is manufactured indigenously in the US by Pfizer Ltd. one of the largest drug manufacturing firms in the world.

What Are The Other Alternatives To The Bluechew Pill In The US?

Now, it is not that Viagra is the only alternative in case you wish to use a chewable medicine for curing your ED problems. Even though it is approved by the US FDA, there are other several chewable generic brands of Sildenafil that patients can try out as well.

For example, you can try out the chewable version of Cenforce 50 known as Cenforce chewable. Other generic brands include Kamagra chewable, Fildena CT chewable tablets, and so on.

Where To Buy Bluechew Pills In The US?

If you want to buy Bluechew pills in the US you can buy the chewable Viagra tablets. And in case if you wish to buy any of the generic brands of chewable Sildenafil then you can check out the local drug stores or online websites for their availability. Remember that buying these medicines would also require a prescription from the doctor even though they are not recommended by the US FDA.

Which Dose Of Bluechew You Must Use?

The chewable version of Viagra is available in several dose variants. Among the most common doses include the 25 mg 50 mg and 100 mg doses. the doctors may recommend any of these three doses depending on the severity of the ED condition as well as the age and health conditions of the patient. Doctors would generally prefer recommending a smaller dose when your ED issues are mild and may recommend the 100 mg dose only if your ED issues are slightly severe.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Bluechew Pills?

Bluechew medicine may be an effective remedy against erectile dysfunction. But it is also possible that on the misuse of these pills, you may have side effects. Remember that you must avoid overdosing on the pills.

Generally, it is possible to experience the mild side effects of the medicine such as headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, palpitations, nervousness, flushing, and dry mouth that may eventually go away within a few days of regular use.

But rarely some severe side effects may also crop up. These side effects include severe vision blurring, lower libido, chest pain, and an abrupt increase in blood pressure.

Safety Precautions For Using The Bluechew Pills

The only safety measure recommended to patients would be to ensure using the correct dose of Bluechew pills. you would also be advised by the doctors to avoid using certain contraindicating medicines along with Sildenafil and avoid the use of alcohol and narcotic drugs.

Review On Bluechew Pills

Most patients having used the Bluechew pills have got very good results in terms of achieving sustaining a strong and hard penis erection. the issues of any reported side effects after using the pills have been rarely noticed. Get to the doctor now if you want to use this medicine to rectify your erection disorder.


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