The Ultimate Guide to Banishing Dark Circles with Some Products

Dark Circles

The appearance of dark circles under the eyes is a frustrating thing. Although these dark circles may appear at any age, they make your face look ugly. With the appearance of dark circles, you are far from your unique attractive looks.

So, how do you get rid of these dark circles? Well, that is what we shall be discussing in today’s article. We will find out about suitable creams, lotions, and gels that may help eliminate dark circles. We will also find out why dark circles usually appear and recommend some natural methods and lifestyle changes that may help remove dark circles on your face.

But as an introductory step, we shall find out what are dark circles and why they appear. So let’s begin…

Understanding Dark Circles

Dark circles are the presence of a darker skin tone generally around the eyes. The entire region of skin surrounding the eyes would have a slightly darker skin tone which is defined as dark circles.

Dark circles may usually appear due to aging but other factors may cause it too. let us find out the factors that lead to its occurrence.

Dark Circles

Why Do Dark Circles Appear?

Dark circles may appear for several reasons. here are some of the factors


Aging of skin may lead to loss of skin tone and color and this is why These are more common in the slightly elderly people

Skin Tan Or Sunburn

Tanning of skin due to excessive exposure to the sun is one of the primary reasons for having dark circles. The skin surrounding the eyes is extremely thin and sensitive to extreme heat due to which it begins to tan way faster.

Excess Melatonin Secretion

Melatonin is one of the hormones inside your body that is primarily responsible for giving your skin a perfect tone and color. But if melatonin secretion is more than usual it may lead to causing dark circles on the skin.

Suffering From Severe Stress

Often one of the reasons why someone is having dark circles is a sign that they may be suffering from mental health issues. disorders such as severe stress, anxiety disorder, or depression may result in the formation of dark circles.

Hyperpigmentation Of The Skin

Hyperpigmentation also occurs since the melatonin secretion is above normal and is concentrated in some areas of the body such as underneath the eyes which leads to the formation of dark circles.

Best Products For Removing Dark Circles

Now let us find out about some of the best products that you can use for removing the dark circles completely from your face.

Sunscreen Lotion

One of the best ideas to remove dark spots and circles around the eyes is to use sunscreen lotion. As we have told you above, skin tan due to sunburn to excess exposure under the sun would often lead to this condition it is a good idea to always apply sunscreen around the eyes, and the entire face to prevent the formation of it and spots. Whenever you are using any sunscreen lotion ensure that it is SPF 50 or above compliant.

Dark Circles

Fairness Creams

Of course, you can use a fairness cream that can help remove dark spots and circles from the eyes and surrounding regions. These fairness creams and gels contain an ample amount of essential vitamins, such as A, B complex, and C that help rejuvenate the skin and remove the skin tan. These fairness creams would help in improving the skin tone and color after regular use.

Lotions For Curing Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is one of the issues that may lead to dark spots underneath the eyes. this generally happens when excess melatonin secretion is concentrated in the regions surrounding an area such as the eyes.

You can consult with the doctors about using creams and gels that control excess melatonin secretion and pigmentation issues.

Is Hydroquinone Cream A Good Recommendation For Curing Dark Circles?

Hydroquinone is a form of topical medicinal cream that is used in the curing of melasma. This melasma is a specific skin condition that leads to hyperpigmentation of your skin and may even lead to the formation of dark spots and circles underneath the eyes and their surroundings.

But using the hydroquinone cream it is possible to remove it as it would regulate the melatonin secretion from deep inside the skin pores. It is a form of skin tone lightening medication that helps bring down the darker tones and provide fairness and glow to your skin.

How To Use Hydroquinone Cream?

If you wish to use the Hydroquinone cream for removing your dark spots and circles it is essential to get a recommendation from the doctors at first. This is a prescription cream and requires the approval of a doctor to buy and use the cream.

You would be advised form the doctors to use the cream daily and apply it on the dark-toned colored skin on any of the facial regions and let it sit for a few hours. often doctors recommend the use of the cream during the night.

How Does The Hydroquinone Cream Work?

The hydroquinone cream contains substances that are similar to vitamins A and C and would help in brightening the skin tone and color. It helps in providing a control on the excess melatonin secretion that further removes the dark spots and circles.

What Are The Other Natural Remedies To Cure Dark Circles?

To cure dark circles you must ensure to get proper sleep at night. often it is found that those who are suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia would develop it.

Along with this, you must prevent yourself from overstress and depression which are also causes of it. For a diet, you must consume healthy fruits and vegetables over fatty food and unhealthy packed or processed food items that contain carbs, fats, and cholesterol.

Final Say

So, as you can see in this article we have provided several product recommendations on how you can remove dark circles fast. To get an idea of the most suitable product for your skin type consider consulting with a dermatologist.


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